Ells ja han vingut...

I had a few days photography around Montsonis, Catalunya care of birdphototours.net. I spent two easy mornings in the pool hide. On the first I cleaned up on Rock Sparrow, Common Nightingale and Bonelli’s Warbler. I’d seen a few Golden Orioles and heard even more so asked “Might they come down to the pool?”

When I first went to Spain in 1980, Egyptian Vulture was by far the commonest vulture. A calamitous reduction in numbers and the upsurge in both Griffon and Black [Cinereous] Vultures means it is now relatively rare. The smallest of the old-world vultures and the only one where the whole European population migrates to Africa in winter, they look like bizarre chickens until they fly. The Vulture hide allows phenomenal views of these.

d’abril 2018