Scavengers Feeding Point “Casa Daniela”


Special hide for 3 (4) photographers with mirror glass. If you wish, you can spend the night at the hide. Not possible on weekends.

Distance / lens

From 5 to 40 m

200 to 600 mm with teleconverters


From 100 € x 3 pax.

Additional info

Special hide at ground level, with spectacular views over the surrounding mountains.

You will be able to photograph the four species of European vultures: Bearded Vulture, Common Vulture, Black Vulture and Egyptian Vulture (from March to September). Also possibilities to photograph other birds of prey such as golden eagle and kites.

We accompany/get you to/from the hide. Never go out without the guide. This way we avoid birds seeing you leave what could cause them not to come back.

Important communicating by text messages (mobile phone)

The benefits derived from the photographic activity in this hide will have a direct impact on conservation projects of the lammergeier and other scavengers carried out by the ngo TRENCA.