Photographing wildlife is also a way of protecting it

In a rural environment where nature is in our back door, the protection and respect for wildlife is what moves us every day. Appreciating this immense heritage is the main goal of our initiative. And we do it, among others, through photography. We also understand that our neighbors – often alien to the natural environment – will value the presence of wild animals close to them if they add value to the territory, and therefore respect and coexistence between men and wildlife will be closer. That is why we say that photographing wildlife is also a way of protecting it.

As far as you are concerned, we want you to go home loaded with great bird photos dying to look at them again and show them to your friends and colleagues. Put them in the networks and tell where you have taken them – it’s how you can help us to show the animals you have photographed and to give value to the territory in which they live. We want photographers who have had food, lodging, the company; Photographers who want to return one, two, three, or more times.

Our work is to maximize your chances of getting the photo of the birds you came to get, and more if possible. We are also aware of the importance to constantly innovate and renovate, so that your experience and photos will never be identical to someone else’s. We take great care of backgrounds and lighting to get the best photos.

And all this with a scrupulous respect for the welfare and conservation of wildlife. Before photographers, we – and you – are naturalists. That is why we have the technical advice and the approval of the administration that gives us all the necessary permits to develop this activity with sensitive, and often threatened, species.

Part of the revenues that we obtain from the photographic activity fund different conservation projects of our own or of third parties.



Services we offer

  • Tailor-made photographic trips.
  • Accommodation
  • Food

You can also ask us:

  • Transport from the airport
  • Car hire booking
  • Activities for companions: local products tasting, cellar visits, castle visits, nature reserve routes, adventure activities…


We look after birds and take care of you.



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