Weekly draw COVID-19


To choose deppending of availability

Distance / lens

From 300 mm


0 € !!!

Additional info

From now until the end of the lockdown (late june, minimum), each week we will raffle a € 100 voucher for your next photo trip. What to do? ... very easy ...

1.- Be subscribed to our newsletter (at the bottom of the page you can do it)

2.- Share the weekly image of the draw in your story and tag us and two more friends!

3.- Upload as many photos as you want of birds of Europe on Instagram with the hashtag # birdphototoursCOVID-19.

4.- To make it more fun, each photo of a different species.

5.- Be attentive to the results. We will publish the winner weekly on our Instagram account.

You can use your voucher until June 2021, depending on the availability of our hides.

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